The right technique to obtain all the currencies for Dragon Titan Uprising Game


Dragon Titan Uprising is easily accessible on the IOS device as well as on the Android device. In the profile view, you can easily learn the skills of the dragons and should know what should be the correct time to use these skills. As it is good to use the skills of the dragon at the time when the health of the dragon is not good or when the dragon is injured. You can also fast the skills of the dragons by matching the color tiles as the skill of the red dragon should be matched with the tiles of the red dragon.

Where to get these currencies for the entire game?

If you want all the currencies that is egg, fish, gold coins, ruin and the scale, the thing that you had to  do and which is quite easy for you is to play more and more in the Dragon Titan Uprising.

  • Eggs

To get the egg, you had to cover all the repeatable quests, searches, events, and the campaign battles.

  • Fish

To obtain fish, you had to repeat all the campaign battles, duties, events, quests, and the fishery.

  • Scales

It is very easy to get from the event searches and quests. As on Monday, you will get the scale of the purple dragon, on Tuesday it is of the red dragon scales, on Wednesday it is of blue dragon scales. Whereas on Thursday it is of green dragon scales, on Friday it is of yellow dragon scales whereas on Saturday and Sunday you will get all type of dragons.

  • Runes

One had to finish all the duties and the campaign battles, or in other words, you had to clear the island to obtain the requisite currency.


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